Connects you with the future.

Now a more ethical currency exists.

What would you do if there was someone with tremendous potential,
whose skills may be hidden from view by current values ​​and crushed at the whims of large corporations.

Getting lots of likes on Facebook etc is fine but what tangible or social merit is there for the individual?
“Likes” don't pay bills nor do these “assets” benefit anyone but the centralised companies that harvest your data.

What if you could connect and support someone with passion from whom you get joy,
tears or just old fashioned pleasure.

What if there was also mutual merit in such altruism…

iBusXcoin® is a currency that directly connects you with such people,
people who may be scattered anywhere around the globe or just next door.

You can now support - through individual choice - people directly that existing banks and large corporations refuse,
for hidden reasons, to endorse.

A recent technological breakthrough is Web 3.0., a decentralised platform which connects people peer 2 peer,
by bypassing the dream crushing selection process that dictates what makes it.

There are countless cryptocurrencies out there,
but iBusXcoin® boasts cutting edge security measures - setting it apart from many others.

iBusXcoin® is the currency that connects you directly with a truly wider world, in the most modern way, to a brave new world where people are rewarded directly by those who respect passion and care enough to reward effort.

You are invited to be part of this future.




  • Concept and program development started in July 2020 as a way to help buskers and artists around the globe survive the corona pandemic and as a way to decentralise the selection process of artists and creators.


  • Utility token concept launched in August 2021.

  • Mobile app conceptualisation completed with an international team in September 2021.

  • Smart contracts and utility coins delivered on the Ethereum platform in November 2021.

  • December 2021 initial volume of utility tokens distributed amongst engineers to test the system and prepare for the launch in 2022.


  • the launch of the mobile application.
    Mobile app system and utility token will be fully launched from Spring and general “audience” members included.

  • Fine tuning of mobile application and design improvements in early 2022 and utilities will be distributed by engineers and test case members to test the system with artists who will be included prior to full launch.

  • From February 2022 utilities will be distributed to artists and performers as rewards to those whose demographic reaches compliance criteria for receiving digital tokens. (※See exceptions).
    ((10% of the total number of tokens will be distributed freely as a promotional tool and to increase the online movement of the utility token as a reward mechanism for artists.
    30% have been divided by the parent company and engineers.
    Fair launch. 60% of total utilities to be distributed over 6 years, monthly = 1:72 of total. ))

    ※Eligibility requirements for Users. Rewards will be despatched to whitelisted addresses only.
    To qualify for an award, a user must be at least 18 years of age.
    Furthermore, users in the following jurisdictions and certain others are INELIGIBLE for awards: Canada, the United States of America, its Territories and Possessions, and Cuba, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Eritrea, Iran, Libya, the People’s Republic of China, the People’s Republic of Crimea, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Yemen and Russian Federation.

  • From Spring to Autumn 2022 the mobile app will go mainstream whilst the company focuses on developing Web 4.0 compatible advancements.

  • We hope to have the utility trading on international platforms by Spring 2022 as our legal team prepares relevant regional regulatory compliance procedures.


  • iBx will integrate to Web 4.0 platform.


Shaping the future

iBusXcoin®, or “iBx”is an Ethereum-based blockchain which aims to democratise social support
by encouraging the next generation of artists and creators.

It is a decentralised way to reward passion in a cutting age way
and to help keep traditional performances alive for future generations.

Here is our Whitepaper detailing our vision and methodology


iBusXcoin® is an Ethereum- based blockchain token and the internal “currency” of the upcoming iBusX ®️mobile SMS application ecosystem.

iBusXcoin® aims to maintain adherence to law where law exists and where laws and regulations are ambiguous or still evolving aims to be at the forefront of compliance and to operate with a high level of ethical consideration, obligation and social responsibility.

iBusXcoin® strives to be a truly ethical crypto currency.

iBusXcoin® does not offer financial advice, nor can it claim that iBusXcoin® will increase in or gain value.

Although iBusXcoin® operates with a high level of integrity, as with any crypto currency, market trading includes risk and users are advised to do due diligence before embarking in crypto trading.

iBusXcoin® does not take any responsibility for fluctuations in price and user discretion and vigilance is recommended.


Company name
Gion & Pacific Holding Co., Ltd.
Lee Longshaw
Date of establishment
December 14, 2016
368-1 Osaka-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Japan